12 Mindset Tips for Your Success!

The following is what I share with my THINK TANK MASTERMIND members before our first meeting. I hope you gain a lot from these 12 mindset tips!

1. Intentions

In a Think Tank or Mastermind, you should begin by setting an intention for both your actions and your attitudes. Setting right intentions (towards self and others) with empowering and honest motives will help you flourish as you relate to others and as you do the work and activities you set out to do.

2. Goals

In a Think Tank or Mastermind, you must have a clear and specific goal or a definite desire of something you want to achieve. For each meeting you must keep this goal in mind, or if the goal is attained, have a new goal to focus on.

3. Motion

In a Think Tank or Mastermind, you have to come ready to work and ready to MOVE FORWARD. Forward motion is the entire point!

4. Discomfort

In a Think Tank or Mastermind, you must be prepared to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. It is only when we are challenged that we grow. During your meeting times, you will often feel stretched and challenged. This is a great part of the process. From these challenges you can plan and prepare for greater levels of life empowerment and business success.

5. Sloppiness

A Think Tank or Mastermind is not a place to be sloppy, unprepared, slouchy and overly casual. Since your meetings offer a time to get serious and a way to create and accomplish important life goals, you should be ready and well-prepared. When you come to the mastermind table for your colleagues, come ready to fully serve. When you sit at the mastermind table for yourself, come ready to be served. Your meetings should never be an afterthought.

6. Empowerment

A Think Tank or Mastermind is not structured to help you deal with emotional issues, past hurts, or emotional scars. It is not therapy. It is more about discovering your own empowerment and functioning from it, moving you to new levels of life enrichment and achievement.

7. Accountability

A Think Tank or Mastermind requires accountability from its members. Only when we are accountable for our intentions and actions can we attain to greater heights. Our time and resource investment in such a group is often significant, and so nothing less than full throttle responsibility and accountability will be acceptable for the level of growth and success each member expects.

8. Muck

It is perfectly natural for a little muck and mire to come up for you in a Think Tank or Mastermind, and at times you may even get emotional or shed tears. It is all part of the wonderful growth process. What is NOT a part of growth is for you (or anyone in the group) to stay stuck and focus on the negative. The purpose of a Think Tank or Mastermind is to move out of the muck and into the space of your brilliance and empowerment. You can only do this with a mindset to continually move forward. The muck is there to teach you a lesson that you take with you. The muck is not there for wallowing!

9. Integrity

A Think Tank or Mastermind insists on integrity. Each member must matter greatly to all other members. When it is your turn, you will get full attention and you will have the benefit of receiving fully and completely for that time, since it is YOUR TIME. When it is another’s time, your intention is to offer ideas, resources, strategy, ingenuity, and innovative approaches that will cause that person to leap forward. If this is your attitude and intention, you will receive GREATLY from your group when you are the focus (and even when you are not).

10. Commitment

A Think Tank or Mastermind takes commitment. You are in it through thick and thin, and for the long haul commitment period. Be on time for meetings, and do everything you can to keep your meeting dates.

11. Momentum

A Think Tank or Mastermind starts off slow and builds great momentum over time. At first, you likely don’t know the other members very well. In the beginning, you sometimes must overcome thoughts such as “I feel like the odd man out”, or “I really don’t care for her”, or “these people are so far ahead of me”, or “her work does not seem as advanced as mine”. These types of thoughts are totally natural, but they are also thoughts that should not be given much attention. It’s better to quickly cast them aside, so more powerful thoughts- those that actually help fuel growth and prosperity-can be embraced fully.

12. Source Energy

A Think Tank or Mastermind works on a spiritual level, and taps into SOURCE ENERGY where all creative thoughts and positive, meaningful energy exist. Source energy is released when we determine, with true intentions, to help each member of our group as we would help ourselves. In this space, ideas and amazing solutions seem to flow exponentially, and growth really accelerates. THAT is the REAL POWER of the THINK TANK or MASTERMIND!