5 Children’s Entertainment Ideas Parents Will Enjoy Too

Wouldn’t it be great to find a way to bring the family together for fun that is actually just as enjoyable for the adults as it is for the kiddos? When it comes to children’s entertainment, families are often stuck with ideas and activities that are a blast for the kids but a total snooze fest for the parents. With just a little creativity and brainstorming, however, family activities can be found or created that are an absolute blast for everyone in the family. When you’re scratching your head trying to decide on something fun for the entire family this weekend, why not try out one (or all) of these awesome ideas that are sure to please both kiddies and grownups?

1. Take horseback riding lessons together

Is there anything more magical and fun than riding horses? This awesome children’s entertainment idea offers fun for everyone because everyone can participate! How could anyone be miserable in the fresh air while getting a little exercise in on a beautiful animal? (The answer is that no one actually can. It’s literally impossible to be sad on a horse.)

2. Invent a made up family holiday

Perhaps your family chooses to deem July 30 as the holiday known as Family Pizza Day. Every July 30th you can celebrate with a full day of pizza. Choose different traditions together, and have fun inventing the silliest ones you can think up.

3. Have a delicious dinner with action packed entertainment at a dinner theater

Dinner and a show is the perfect children’s entertainment option for families who are tired of the same ole dinner and a movie routine. A live action show is much more exciting and keeps the whole family on the edge of their seats as they dine on delicious meals.

4. Check out live entertainment together

All forms of live entertainment are a great way to bring the family together and have some fun. Whether it’s a live music event in your city’s park or heading out to see a play, children and adults alike will both enjoy the excitement of live entertainment.

5. Create a family art mural with summer time paint balloons

This is definitely the most fun item on the list, and better yet, it’s easy to accomplish! Buy a large white poster board, water balloons, and non-toxic paints in a variety of colors. In the backyard, lay out the poster on the ground as your canvas for the mural. Fill up the water balloons with the paints; each balloon gets a different color. Once everything is ready and you’ve got the family in swimsuits or old clothing that won’t be missed, let everyone go to town on the white poster board with the balloons. This colorful, messy, and oh-so-fun children’s entertainment idea is perfect for the artistic family and a blast for everyone. Let the poster dry outside in the sun when you’re done, then bring it in and hang it up on the wall as a memory.