Eat Your Lunch Now or Go Hungry

Decision-Making Made Simple

When I think of the topic of decision-making, I automatically think about those times I’m sitting in a restaurant trying to choose my meal from a huge menu. Whenever I mention to my husband that I can’t decide, he always says, “Would you like me to decide for you?” Always!

And always, I say¬†“No, thank you… I’ll figure it out.”

I know that whatever I choose, I have to live with it and eat it – even if I’m longingly looking at my company’s plate wishing I had ordered what they ordered.

I’ve looked at some of the decisions I’ve made as a marketer. The stakes seem a little higher than just choosing a meal. Sometimes thousands of dollars are at stake. I always try to make a decision based on my desire, my ability to see it through and my ability to afford my choice.

This article is about decision-making and the power it provides your leadership. We’ll look at three points:

*Take responsibility – own your decisions

*Examine your thought processes

*Develop mental muscles for decisive action

Take Responsibility.

I love that Kathleen Sebelius- Head of U.S. Health and Human Services – stated that she is responsible for the debacle of the new health care system’s current failures. Basically, she said, “The buck stops here.” This is a courageous statement – especially since she is under intense investigation and scrutiny by the government and the American citizens.

Regardless of how things turn out with healthcare in the U.S., it’s refreshing to hear a leader admit that she’s responsible for the decisions that come from her office.

This is the idea of taking responsibility.

As online marketers (even as mind/body teachers), we are responsible for the every day decisions we make. It’s up to us what we read, what we buy and who we follow for advice. We have to own the decisions we make and when we do, we gain respect. People will follow decisive and courageous people.

The people who follow you depend on you making good and wise decisions. Therefore, you need to be intentional about making the best decisions you can and sticking with them. So right now, commit to making good decisions and being concsious of the process in which you make them. Know that the people you work with are counting on you to lead and guide them into making their own decisions. A strong leader is decisive and you can certainly choose strength.

When we are wishy-washy about our decisions, people can sense it and they won’t feel safe in that environment. Do you have the ability to make Executive Decisions? If so, you will be conveying strength, conviction and setting direction for those who follow you. Don’t vascillate; stay the course.

Examine your thought processes.

Become a witness to your own thought processes. Watch and listen to your internal conversations. Really look at the way a conversation is going. It’s like there’s always 2 of you in that head!

Observe your “gut” feelings about things. Notice how it feels while you are weighing your options. But be careful not to depend entirely on your feelings. Rationally examine the pros and cons of your decision and ask for guidance or the opinions of others to help you process your decision-making.

Notice how you are feeling and thinking about a situation. Don’t ignore red flags – or pieces of information that may lead you to making a bad decision.

Speaking of making bad decisions, sometimes we make them. Don’t be afraid to back out of a decision if it’s necessary. Simply learn from your mistake and move on.

Develop mental muscles for decisive action.

Learn how to weigh out your choices. You can set up mental filters… accepting and rejecting those things that do or don’t align with your goals and objectives.