Fun Things to Do at Microbreweries

Visiting microbreweries is about more than just drinking beer. These places can provide a sensory experience that delights taste, smell, sound, sight, and touch. Brewing beer in micro style means that care is taken with every batch. These places are quite different from big chain brewers, just like small, family run bistros and cafes are different from chain restaurants. In order to be classified as a microbrewery, a place has to be fairly self-sustaining and not owned by a mega manufacturer. At a brewpub, there are plenty of fun things to do.


Many microbreweries serve tasty cuisine alongside their brews. Some foods just taste better when they’re consumed with a homebrew. Beers come in varying intensities so can be matched with a diner’s dinner choice. Some favorite menu items include fish and chips, gourmet pizzas, burgers, sandwiches, and wraps. In fact, most foods taste great with a frosty glass of beer.


In order to share the variety of beers with their customers, microbreweries usually offer sampler trays or tastings. This is a great way to try different beers to see if you discover any new favorites. This is also fun to do with friends; you can taste a variety of brews together and vote on which ones are the favorites. You’ll find ales, darks, ambers, and pales to sample, along with everything in between.

Take a Tour

Some places will give you a tour of their facilities. This is pretty cool and interesting. A brewer might talk about the process and show you the ingredients of water, hops, yeast, and a grain such as barley. With these ingredients, it seems like the brewer could be crafting a liquid version of bread. A skilled brewmaster is a craftsperson; it takes chemistry and know-how to actually make the beer taste good and have the bubbly effervescence. Not everyone can pull off a tasty brew. Seasonal items such as fruits and berries are often added to create unique flavors to the batches.

Meet People

Going to a small brewery is different than just going to a bar. At these establishments, you’ll find others who are interested in the art, craft, and culinary aspects of brewing beer. There are often festivals, celebrations, and special events held throughout the year. It’s a great place to meet like-minded individuals or re-connect with old friends, and share a pint of top quality ale.

Microbreweries have been around for centuries but they’ve really outdone themselves in the last couple of decades. Sharing a pint of beer with a friend or two has always been a bonding experience. At today’s small establishments, a visitor can have fun, dine, sample a wide selection of home brews, take a tour, and hang out with friends. What more could a beer drinker ask for?